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You wouldn’t know it from his deep, poignant lyrics and chilling melodies, but singer-songwriter Sagen Pearse has only been writing music for three years. A managing funeral director by day, Sagen started composing his own songs after singing at a weekly open mic, quickly amassing a catalogue of music, a dedicated fanbase, and the attention of industry veterans.


Drawing inspiration from poet Shane Koyzcan, musical artists Dan Mangan, Mark Berube, Scott Hutchinson, and Justin Vernon his work on the front lines of human grief, and his own assemblage of life lessons, Sagen does not shy away from addressing the shadow-side of human nature through articulate, brilliantly-composed songs about death and dying, broken homes, senseless violence and sinister dances with the monsters of altered states.


Sagen joined forces with producer Kevin Ker on his debut album, set to be released under the moniker Hollowsage and the Three Mile Islanders in 2020.

The record, titled Nuclear Home, was recorded at Union Sound & The Chandelier Room.

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